Intelligent content scraping

Dig out the interesting parts of any Web page with a simple API call.

Effortlessly extract relevant images, titles, and text

A Web page looks very messy when you're just a machine. Ads, navbars, unrelated content, and piles of markup - all seems pretty legit.

Spade makes sense of any page intelligently and digs out the bits that relate to the subject at hand: title, images, and text. Get the gist of any page on a silver plate, with a single API call and the URL you want processed.

See how simple our API is

Make use of predefined content templates

We admire efficiency.

If you simply want to build a "Preview Box" service like what Facebook or Google+ has, just add a bucket=preview to your API call.

Using a Bucket, we extract, validate, and send out just the building blocks of the component you're trying to build.

Learn about more buckets

Getting started

We have a native spade drivers for Ruby, and Node.js.

You can learn more about our simple API and see a quick starts outlining example usages.


$ gem install spade

require 'spadeio' sp = => "your-key") sp.scrape "" # => JSON


$ npm install spadeio

Spade = require('spade'); sp = new Spade({ key: "your-key" }); sp.scrape(""); // => JSON


$ curl -u <KEY>: